Friday, July 13, 2018

**NEW RELEASE** Her Master's Salvation by Abigail Lee Justice

*** New Release ***

Her Master's Salvation

by Abigail Lee Justice

Molly Pool is an unemployed former hacker turned coder. Ivan Daborevki a businessman and Sovietnik in the Bratva mafia. When their worlds collide, will the power of love and family protect them from the dangers lurking behind every shadow?

I’m a dangerous, dominant man with a dark side and a past. In my world, it is the only way to survive. Appointed to the rank of Sovietnik of the Bratva after my father’s death, with the title comes fame, money, power, women, and corruption. The crest I now bear on my chest symbolizes power and leadership, both qualities I possess. But with those responsibilities, darkness sometimes overshadows the light. The only thing that matters more than life is protecting my family. I will go to every length that I can to make them safe. Including the unthinkable, death.

Then one day, that all changed. She stumbled into my life, and whether by fate or chance, I know I have to make her mine. And the path we are about to take will change our lives. Forever.

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