Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Menages Holidays Tour

1. Why menage?
why not? lol
because i truly believe that love and desire should not be limited to one person. Today, it is the exception to fall in love with one and remain with this person until death. During our life, we fall in love multiple times and we have sex with more than one person. So why is it so extraordinary to extend our love and lust at the same time instead one after the other?
We were educated with tons of no no, tons of restrictions because it is so, because mostly religion decided it was not appropriate (although if we read the old testament, it was one man with multiple women from young to old age). For me love is love, and as long as everyone is adult and everything is consensual, then I say: what float your boat is okay.
Regarding romances, I am not reading especially about sex scenes. They are nice to read of course but it is like bones, if you do not have meat around, it does not taste good. The multiplicity of characters means a more complicated relationship and plot and romance and that is fun!
But at the end of the day, it just works for me :)
2. Would you rather wear socks or shoes?
none of the above. I am always bare feet in my sleepers LOL
3. For a cold winter day: Soup, pasta or mashed potatoes and meat?
mmm since winters here in Canada remain 6 months, I cannot imagine eating the same food for that long! LOL But I like my potatoes eh? :P
4. Why Happy Menages Holidays tour?
Because it is fun. It is the genre I enjoy and I always try to promote this genre. If I intrigue someone to read one, I've done my job right. Most people do not know much about menages and believe they are porn stories. Most people will not yell out of the roof they love porn. Now, if a middle aged woman can yell that menages romances are fun to read and is open to discuss it enough to write reviews exclusively about them, then some people may think that it is okay to read them and after reading them, they will understand and spread the word like a ball of snow! :)
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  Thank you so very much Tracey for welcoming me here. It was a fun interview and some questions were very funny! Happy Holidays to you and your beloved! ~Mary

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