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Ara Costas has it all—riches, power, and the kind of beauty that attracts all the right people. He’s flying high and loves his life, until a serious car accident leaves him horribly scarred. Ara becomes an angry recluse, hiding away in his Chicago high-rise apartment, running his multimillion-dollar business from behind a computer screen.
Ilias Adams is a quiet farm boy who keeps his nose buried in books. A great education and stellar resume land him a job as Ara’s assistant and liaison to the board of directors. Little did he know when he signed up for this dream job that he’d end up working for the world’s moodiest, most uptight boss.
Ilias is scared of Ara at times, but he recognizes the challenge he faces when he meets Ara and sees the reason for the man’s anger. Ara is guarded and suspicious, since he can’t believe anyone can bear to look at him. Despite all this, Ilias is determined to turn the beast into a beauty again, at least on the inside, and tear down the walls Ara has so carefully constructed around him.


“Mr. Adams, you are my employee, not my friend. Our relationship will never grow beyond that, and if you’re not careful, it could cease to exist entirely.” The anger in his voice grew more and more present with every word he spoke. “I do not wish to sit with you. I do not wish to share fond stories with you. I do not wish to be your friend. Am I understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, if you wish to remain employed here, you will do exactly as I ask. No more. No less.”

“I understand, sir. I apologize for overstepping.”

Ilias kept his face blank, not letting Mr. Costas see that he’d hurt his feelings, and stood up. He moved back to the table and sat down, but his appetite was gone. Sighing quietly, he woke up his tablet again.

Stick to your book friends, Ilias. You should have known better.

Day one—nowhere near close to being over and so far, an epic fail. At this rate, Ilias wouldn’t last a week, and he needed this job. Needed it almost as badly as he needed air, but would he allow himself to continue to be humiliated? They say everyone has a price, but would Costas keep paying it to have the privilege of abusing someone the way he did?

“Shall we get started?” Costas asked.

The sudden sound of his voice made Ilias gasp back the sip of coffee he had in his mouth. He nearly choked and briefly wondered if Costas would save him or let him drown in java.

To win an ebook copy of Beast in the format of your choice, tell me what color of green is your favorite.  

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  1. Olive green is my favorite; it's a color that finds its way into my closet quite often.

    Erin go bragh!

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

  2. My favorite color of green is HUNTER. Although my husband would probably tell you that my favorite color of green is MONEY. michelle at oxrider dot com

  3. The green that comes in the basic 8 pack of crayola crayons. It used to be my favorite color. (Do they still make the basic 8 box or am I dating myself?)

  4. Happy St Patty's Day

    My favorite color green is forest green. :)

    Thank you

  5. bright lime green is my favorite shade

    jennthakur at gmail dot com

  6. Thanks for participating.

    my fave shade of green is forest green

  7. Neon green! I live in the city so I'm surrounded by dull greys, pavement, building, sometimes the sky so I like loud, bright colors ;)


  8. Emerald green and then teal green are my favorite, the first for eye color and the second for wearing :)

  9. Teal green! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  10. Thank you so much for the blog hop. I love the color of a fresh lawn after the grass has been cut and the sun in shining and trust me we need it bad right about now in Chicago.


  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day and I Love Forrest Green :)

  12. Not a huge fan of the color green, but I must say I like teal the best or maybe a mint color green! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself I hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  13. Great excerpt! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    liese1235 at gmail dot com

  14. My favorite color of green is that appalling neon shade that is called "lime" in some places and "harlequin" in others, but it's just neon green to me. LOL! Happy St. Patrick's Day! shandra.torbett(@)

  15. Forest green is my favorite color! Hopefully this will be color of my new roof this summer!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  16. I would have to say my favorite color green would be lime.
    Happy St Patrick's Day! I hope it has been a lucky one for all!

  17. Thank you for all the comments!! :) I hope everyone's St. Patrick's Day was a good one!

    Using, Anne is the winner of a copy (ebook) of Beast!! Congratulations, Anne!