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Back to School Blog Hop 2013

Untitled Excerpt for Book 3 of the Heroes of Trasco County Series

Cars pulled to the right and waited as the fire engines and rescue trucks sped past. Even the vehicles traveling on the other side of the road moved out of the way. An amber glow could be seen for miles above the rooftops. The night was overcast with no visible stars. Ash blew around the sky while thick black smoke poured from the windows. The moon played peek-a-boo with the clouds and it only seemed to make the light brighter.

Chase looked up as another fire engine and ambulance pulled up to the scene. He counted four counties’ fire and rescue squads, along with a volunteer department from the southern part of Trasco County. He went back to the task of checking and triple checking everything was ready if a patient needed it.

The volume on the scanner was turned all the way up on the fire engine parked beside them, so they could hear all communications. From what he could gather, the school would be a total loss on the north end but they thought the south and east end would be repairable. But that would be better determined tomorrow during the daylight hours when the inspector and chief could check it out. They were doing a last sweep for people as the hoses from the trucks bathed the building in water. The scanner squawked to life with an urgent voice. Someone had been found. Unconscious but alive. Phil, Chase’s best friend, was on his way out with her.

Chase had the gurney waiting for her when Phil came out. He started to assess her condition.

“Her name’s Rachel.” Phil said.

“You know her?” Chase asked.

“She’s the new art teacher I told you about the other day.”

“Oh yeah, I remember now.”

He checked Rachel’s vitals. Her oxygen level was lower than it should’ve been but her other readings were in the normal range. He covered her mouth and nose with the oxygen mask. She had a small gash on her forehead with a goose egg rising underneath that was already bruising.

Chase recalled the conversation with Phil about the woman on the gurney. He’d said he’d met her once and instantly liked her.

Chase drove Rachel to the hospital and took her in through the emergency doors. She was wheeled away immediately into a trauma room and out of his sight. He had no reason to stay but leaving her seemed wrong, even though he didn’t know her. He hung around until the doctor came out to say she had a minor concussion and smoke inhalation, but she should be fine. They were keeping her overnight, since she lived alone and there was no one to care for her.

He thanked the doctor then left the hospital. On the way out, his phone rang with a text. Chase took his phone from his pocket then slid his finger across the screen.

I’m safe.

A relieved smile curved his lips as he replied to Phil. Heading home in a few. See you there.

Chase took the ambulance back to the garage and parked it. He restocked the supplies he’d used, then changed and cleaned the gurney. When everything was ready for the next emergency, Chase clocked out and headed for home.

The house stood dark when Chase pulled into the driveway. Phil still hadn’t gotten home. Phil almost always stayed until everything had been done. That was one of the things Chase loved about him.

It was the wee hours of the morning, but Chase knew Phil would be hungry when he got home. So, after Chase emptied his pockets on the counter, he opened the fridge and pulled out the sliced turkey, lettuce and tomatoes for sandwiches.

Sandwiches made, Chase went to the bedroom to strip off his clothes before he walked to the bathroom for a shower. After washing his hair and body, he shut the water off and picked up a towel. In the middle of drying off, Chase heard Phil’s key in the door. He wrapped the towel around his waist, walking toward the front room.

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